German Shepherd Training – Week 1

german shepherd training

So we finally brought our puppy home from the breeder last Friday. I can’t believe it! He is so adorable. The cats don’t know what to make of him but that’s ok for now. I’m hoping there is an article at german shepherd training HQ that goes through how to introduce a new puppy to existing, stroppy and territorial cats. After all they were here first!

I thought I’d write about our first few days. Aside from the cat issue he has settled in really well. The article on german shepherd training mentions that the new puppy is like a baby and will get tired really easily so to keep play time to a minimum. I can’t stress how true this is. He is so cute but really does get tired easily. It’s hard because I want to make a fuss of him all day.

I’ve tried to implement some of the tips on the german shepherd training tips which get you started on crate training and although is been under a week, our puppy is warming to the crate. Bed times are still a little tricky. As suggested in the german shepherd training tips article, I have him in my room at night (in the crate) which helps with him crying. He still whimpers for about 30 minutes but soon realises that he’s not going anywhere and that I’m there. It’s tough but I’m trying to be strong in this regard and I think it’s working.

We haven’t mastered the toilet training yet, it’s still really early. He did pee in the spot we have allocated for him once, but I think this was a fluke! I’m still working on it and am confident that we should have him potty training soon. For now we are ripping though the wet wipes!! I don’t mind though, he’s worth it. I can’t wait until to the more complex german shepherd training when he is older. I can see how bright he is already, it’s going to be great!

Taking Certified Nurses’ Aide Classes Online!

taking cna courses online

So I am going to become a certified nurses’ aide!!

Well, after my last post, I decided to bite the bullet and actually BECOME a CNA.  That means I need to take classes!

I looked into some options to take FREE CNA classes, but I ultimately decided that this was not the right choice for me.  The reason is that free CNA classes aren’t really free. You either need to be unemployed for a long time (so that they will cover your costs), or you need to sign up with a hospital/nursing home to cover the costs of the classes — then you sell your soul to them to work for them for a long time!  Even if you don’t like the job!  No thanks!

Researching my CNA Classes Online

Instead, I decided to research taking my CNA classes on the internet, which means I have been using the great resources at to get all of the information I need to get started on taking my CNA classes.  This includes things like the state requirements, the fees I am expected to pay and much more.  It even breaks down the information for EACH STATE, which means that I can easily find all of this information for, say, the state of Rhode Island.  All I need to do is go to that website and click here for CNA classes online in RI, and everything I need to know is available.

They even list out offline training centers, but being in a classroom just isn’t for me.  Why would I want to sit in a classroom when I can do all of my work from a coffee shop or my own living room!  I am going to start looking into schools that offer online classes, and see what I can find.

Stay tuned to keep up with my progress as I become a certified nurse assistant!!!

German Shepherd Training – my Saviour!

german shepherd training

This is my first blog about German Shepherd training. I’m so excited but nervous too! We have just finalised the details with a breeder on a german shepherd puppy. I have never owned a dog before and am going head first in with a pure-breed german shepherd pup. We get to take him home in just 4 weeks. It’s going to drag, 4 weeks seems so long away! I’m really nervous though. I want to be the best doggy parent I can be and that means being able to not only him, care for him but also be able to discipline him.  This is really important for us both so that we can have a balanced relationship.

The only problem is disciplining is a weakness of mine. I’m rubbish at putting my foot down! We currently have a couple of cats and they are everything to me. As a result, they walk all over me! I’m such a big softie. Would you believe it if I told you they tell me when they want me to sit on the couch and when I should go to bed! Yep, I hear the words, I know how crazy that sounds!

So when we get our new pup, we really need to set the ground rules straight away (gently of course)! So I thought I’d better get some advice on discipline and ease into the basics of german shepherd training. I found a fantastic resource, I really wanted to share. I’ve been checking out for the past few weeks to get ideas firstly as to whether a german shepherd was right for me. Do they fit my life style? Can I offer them the attention they deserve? After all they were originally bred to herd sheep and were working dogs.

So I decided, yes they are right for me and checked out the German Shepherd training – where to start article which has some great tips on getting started with training as soon as I bring the puppy home. I thought this would be difficult to do, but it goes through how to ease into the german shepherd training with simple steps. I can’t wait to get started!

Learning how to become a CNA

How To Become a CNA

So I want to tell everyone all about how I am becoming a certified nurses’ aide.

See, a few years ago, my uncle had broken his arm. Since he was so frail, we had to take him into the hospital, and he was cared for by certified nurses aides/certified nursing assistants.

They were so helpful in making him feel better that I was really attracted to the job, but I didn’t look into how to become a CNA until recently. Why? Because my uncle had become very ill with Alzheimer’s, and he needed CNAs to take care of him again!

These people struck me so much, because they have to do EVERYTHING to make patients feel comfortable. They need to feed them, document all of their care, and take vital signs. A lot of their jobs seem easy, but they are so crucial to making sick people feel better when they are in need.

So I looked into what I needed to do to become a CNA. I found a great website that broke everything down, step by step with this great article on how to become a CNA which includes more instructions on pursuing  online classes on their website,

After reading up on the process, I started looking up taking classes online and boy, there was a lot of information. It turns out that you actually need to take CNA classes in person (or online) in order to qualify for the CNA exam which lets you become a full CNA.

It looks like the procedure isn’t too difficult, but I don’t know that much about it yet. I will have to take a look later on and see!

I will keep you in the loop, of course, because I want to learn how to become a CNA, and I don’t like taking classes in a high school, so I will probably take my CNA classes online.

Keep watching my blog to follow me as I go through the process!!